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Your Rent Guaranteed 365 Days a Year




At Smartmove, we understand that every Landlord has different needs, below you can see brief information on each of the available packages we offer:

Gold - Less rent, No liability

Our gold contract allows complete peace of mind guaranteeing the rent at all times including when the property is empty and guaranteeing the tenant and any damage or arrears they may incur whilst renting your property. With the gold contract all utilities will be taken over by Smartmove even if the property is empty and will not be the landlords responsibility again until the property is no longer in Smartmove's care. Our gold contract actually allows us to go to court on the landlords behalf to evict a tenant, all costs are covered by Smartmove and the landlord will still get their normal agreed rent throughout the whole process. 

Silver - More rent, minimal liability

Our silver contracts are very similar to the gold except no rent is paid when the property is empty or if the tenant falls in to arrears. Smartmove will offer a higher figure of guaranteed rent for a silver package than a gold as we hold less responsibility. There are still never any fees to you.

Bronze - The most rent, full liability

Our Bronze package is just like a traditional letting agent taking 10% commission off all rents received and the landlord will be responsible for the tenant and the property. Smartmove will still do our checks and keep you the landlord, as up to date as possible on your property.


NO Fees

We NEVER charge the landlord a fee of any sort. Unlike other agents who may implement charges such as tenant find, renewals, gas certificates, EPC's, we at Smartmove don't believe this to be necessary. In June 2019 the latest legislation states that all agents are banned from charging tenants any form of fees before signing a tenancy agreement. This means that most other agents may then pass this loss of proceed to the landlords adding extra charges to them to regain the loss from the tenants. Don't worry though, rest assured that no fees will apply with Smartmove.


Tenant Guarantee

Smart Move will take the burden of any damage that a tenant may cause. We will ensure any damage is put right so you wont need to. No costly bills when the property is empty giving you assurance of your income each month depending of the level of contract agreed.


Landlords, know your liabilities? 

We take tenant safety VERY seriously. As a landlord you are completely responsible for the safety of your tenant for the entire duration of their tenancy. When you sign a contract with Smartmove we become your tenant and therefore become the tenants landlord, completely removing you from the equation, this allows us to take on all the responsibilities that would normally rest on your shoulders as the landlord. Including the ever changing laws.
We do ask that the property is to a particular standard with regards to safety when we take this on. As we are compliant to the HHSRS standards a member of our team will be more than happy to view the property and ensure all is adequate and fit for the renting market. If not we can advise you on how to achieve this.


Maintenance on your property

Having a property managed by Smartmove gives you, the landlord, the comfort of knowing that if any maintenance or repairs are required, we will endeavor to sort it. Smartmove cover the first £50 of all call outs or works required. If this cannot be rectified by us we will refer the works to one of our trusted contractors or one of your choice. Once a quote has been obtained and the landlord is happy to proceed we will arrange for the works to be carried out as soon as possible. The contact between Smartmove and the landlord is kept to a minimum as we don't feel it necessary to bother you if it is not imperative. keeping it the most stress free way to rent.


Contact with smartmove

We aim to provide a non-burden relationship between Smartmove and the landlord unless deemed necessary. So you can relax and get on with the more important things in life. We will issue you with a property inspection report every three months once the appropriate checks have been carried out and will also contact you 2 months before the end of your agreed contract with us for renewal. All other contact is kept to a minimal, however landlords are welcome to call us whenever the choose to discuss the property.


Guaranteed rent

Our amazing gold contract covers all aspects of utilities and you will receive a net figure each month in advance. This is our most popular contract with the landlords giving them the piece of mind they are looking for. This figure must work for both Smartmove and the landlord and can be renegotiated as the rental market changes.

Need help? We’re ready and waiting. There is not enough room to explain all the amazing things we do, so come and visit us one of our staff members are always about to help.


Ready to rent your property? Not sure where to start ? or just tired of the phone calls and hassle?
Smartmove will assure that you have the most stress free experience that is possible.
As a family run business we take pride in the little things that make up your rental experience. 
Get the best price in the shortest time and save yourself that awful headache. We are the best in the business and can get the job done quickly, carefully and efficiently.
Contact us today.
Smartmove Newark Ltd is the fastest, safest and most stress free way to let your property, guaranteed. With Smartmove tenant guarantee you will never have a bad tenant again.


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